Cabo beach

Here’s the beach at Cabo. Not a bad place to visit. Lots of Americans and touristy stuff, but still not bad.

Normal day. At least it didn’t rain. No more rain until next Sunday, according to my beloved iPhone. Worked, ate, and commuted. Nothing to report.

Oh, I did do some more indexing on the train. It’s a great way to pass the time. Also listened to some Car Talk radio shows. Not a bad way to spend the trip.

Netflix sent us Some Like it Hot, one of my favorite old movies. We’re watching it now and enjoying it greatly. “Buttermilk!”

We got two very entertaining emails from Austin, our nephew on a mission in Africa. He was very descriptive. Turns out Mozambique is a bit buggy, hot, humid, and dirty. But the people are wonderful and he’s having a great, if a bit rugged, time. I’m looking forward to hearing from LRN1 tomorrow. One more week in the MTC for him!

Speaking of which, I owe him a letter. So I had better quit here and get writing. I’ll leave you with this shocking food violence news: sausage man attack!

See you tomorrow.

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