Cabo church

Here’s the interior of the old church in Cabo. The dog was an unexpected guest and actually did something quite rude on the floor before our guide shooed him out the door. Most unexpected. Not to mention unseemly.

Need to stay kind of brief tonight. LRN4 and I have spent the evening researching new cars, so it’s a bit late. Yes, it looks like we may be getting rid of her trusty old Sable. I’m very sad to report that she was in a most unfortunate accident early this morning. She’s sore around the neck, but otherwise fine. A young man in a old beat up primer-gray Buick made a left turn into her – not in front of her, into her – forcing her into another car. Both sides of the front of her car are damaged, with the left-side damage much more heavy than on the right. The left front wheel is all skewampus, leading one to believe that very expensive internal damage was probably done. It’ll be towed up to Sacramento tomorrow and a claims adjuster will give us a verdict within a couple of days after that. We expect it will be totaled.

This is very sad. We had hoped to have the Sable last two more years, after which we would give it to LRN1 and LRN4 would get her new car. Looks like that plan is probably gone.

Anyway, we’re looking at the Ford Taurus (I would really love an SHO, which is too darn much money but massively cool), the Ford Fusion, the Ford Edge (LRN4 loves the seats and it’s pretty cool), the Ford F150 (also way too much money, but it’s affordable because it would replace both the Sable and the Suburban and become my car – I’m not entirely sure about this option, but it would also solve the Suburban falling-apart problem), and the Mini Cooper S. After we get the Sable verdict, we need to go do some serious shopping. Probably.

And it’s bedtime already and there’s nothing else to report. So I’ll leave you with this outstanding employment opportunity: monkey cop.

See you tomorrow.

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  1. Shannon Says:

    I'm still pretty sore, but doing better all the time. I'm kind of in mourning over the Sable. Even if they fix it, it will never be the same.

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