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Here are LRN4 and me in Cabo. I took a lot of pictures in Cabo. Great Art courtesy of a kind stranger. Who fortunately didn’t run away with my camera.

Pretty good day. LRN4’s still quite sore around the neck and shoulders, but otherwise showing minimal ill effects from yesterday’s unfortunate incident. No word yet on the final state of her car. I expect we won’t find out until next week. We might find a little time to do some car shopping on Saturday. Maybe not. LRN12 will be with us, so it might get a bit busy.

Otherwise a normal day. Worked like a dog (ate, slept, scratched, and used the bathroom) and came home.

LRN4’s working the phones right now, planning an upcoming road trip for LRN2 and her. They’re going to see her sister in San Diego, LRN3 in Mesa, and her other sister in Las Vegas. Spending the last 10 days or so of May. It ought to be fun, and I’m only sorry I can’t go with them. I’m simply out of vacation. Sigh. I do hope she has a new car by then. We ought to be able to work that out, I believe.

Speaking of working the phones, I’ve gotten robocalls during dinner the last two days for some idiot sheriff or something who must be running for office – I don’t stick around long enough to be sure. My bottom line – he just lost my vote, even if I would have otherwise liked him. Grrr.

So I’ll leave you with this shocking food violence news: meat repossession!

See you tomorrow.

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  1. Shannon Says:

    You gotta do what you gotta do in business in regard to the meat.

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