Cache finder

Here’s LRN4 finding a cache at Mt. Madonna. Part of my famous Camping series.

No post yesterday. Didn’t get out of Massive Meeting Tuesday until about 10:00 and then had to write several Camp-related emails and make a phone call before I could go to bed. No time for blogging, especially when we consider the fact that I drove to work today, so there was no time for writing.

LRN5 seems to think I should expand my current events horizon beyond food violence and toilet news. I don’t know – there’s so much going on in the FV&TN world. However, when my Loyal Readers cry out, I must respond. I will find an additional topic Real Soon Now.

More Camp phone calls tonight. A lot more. I got several additional names last night, and we need to have as many people as possible ready to start serving by Saturday morning. Fortunately, I enjoy making the calls.

Today’s food violence news: Don’t send your waffle back. The great thing about this incident is that the perp is already back at work. Now that’s a tough restaurant.

See you tomorrow.

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