Here’s LRN2 getting ready for his upcoming trip into space. Need to get a less casual spacesuit to go with that helmet. Taken at the Chabot Science Center and part of my famous Camping (we were on a camping trip, after all) and Machinery series.

Normal day at work. Busy evening last night, making YW camp phone calls. Many more phone calls tonight. I’m making progress, though.

The work week’s over! Lots of stuff on the agenda – birthday shopping for LRN4 (highest priority), washing one or more of my many cars, attending a camp-related meeting on Saturday morning, setting up tables and chairs for that meeting, writing a talk (also a high priority), celebrating LRN4’s birthday, working on my Arduino simulator, working on the robot, and . . . umm . . . a bunch of other things. Ought to be a busy weekend.

It’s supposed to be quite hot this weekend, with temperatures in the 90’s on Saturday and hitting 100 on Sunday. We might want to spend a little time in the pool. And crank down the A/C. I’m looking forward to it.

Let’s check today’s food violence news: Finally, there’s some good news.

See you tomorrow.

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