Standing reader

Here’s LRN1 standing on a rock. A big rock.

No Friday post. I got busy.

Nice weekend. We celebrated LRN4’s birthday in a low-key-but-dignified way. Happy Birthday, LRN4!

Had the family get-together on Saturday because of our busy Sunday (her actual birthday) plans. The Loyal Readers came over and we had a nice day.

LRN1 and I have been working on our MARV project and making some progress. We have the accelerometer and the SD card holder. LRN1’s working on reading and writing files on the card – can’t do anything with the accel yet because we need another little board to convert 5-volt electricity to 3.3 volts. That should be here Any Day Now.

Meanwhile, I’m working on my Arduino simulator. It will run under Linux. So far, I have the basic framework set up and can process two of the unique Arduino library functions and can nearly do a third. From here, it’s pretty much a matter of cranking through the library routines.

Still don’t know how I’m going to allow the user to plug in virtual devices to the sim. I’ll try to provide virtual LEDs and other common devices, but the users need to be able to define their own too. I have some ideas but need to let them percolate a little.

Hot, hot weekend. It was well over 100 Sunday and just about as hot on Saturday. Strangely, we never got in the pool. It was still quite warm this morning and during the day, but I was surprised to discover that it had cooled way off when I left the office, and some clouds had rolled in. We even had a few large raindrops at the platform just before the train arrived.

My father reported they had frost on the ground in Michigan this weekend. I expect they’ll get our heat wave within a few days.

Let’s see . . . what else is going on? My talk in church on Sunday went pretty well. Two members of the Stake Presidency were there, so they had an opportunity to judge my abilities, for better or worse. Fortunately, I’m more interested in doing my best as long as I’m needed than in keeping my “job.”

Also spent plenty of time working on Young Women camp and other YW topics.

We have some important food violence news today: if the bank robbery doesn’t work out, you can always eat the evidence while you wait for the cops to come.

Plus, this just in: if ever there was a vegetable not to fight over, it’s this.

See you tomorrow.

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