Caching reader

Here’s Loyal Reader Number Two holding a geocache at Anthony Chabot Regional Park. Sadly, the cache turns out to be positioned behind a bush, so we can’t see it. Not my best Great Art. Picture courtesy of the exclusive Treo-cam, and also part of my famous Camping series.

Great news from Loyal Reader Number Three in the job-search department! We think. He called his old employer at the firing range to see if there was any opportunity. They asked him if he had received their letter. He hadn’t. Apparently, they sent him a letter a couple of days ago to see if he was interested in coming back. He’s interested. There are no details until the letter actually arrives, and it may not turn out to be what he thinks it is, but we’re all cautiously optimistic. Best of luck, LRN3!

Okay day at work. I wasn’t supposed to be there today, but we did get the things done that had to be done, so I don’t resent it. Too much.

— Much later —

Had to stop – too many things going on. It’s now nearly 4:00 in the morning and I’m finally just about to go to bed. Yikes.

It all started out when I went to the store with Loyal Reader Number Four and bought a new router. The old one was dying – it crapped out pretty much once a day. It took a little while to get the new one installed. And then my IP address changed. Which killed my websites. Which would have been fine, except that my Dynamic DNS service didn’t work anymore because I had a new router and the script couldn’t find its IP address. Which I couldn’t figure out how to fix.

So I finally bit the bullet and bought hosting on Godaddy. I’ve been thinking about doing that for quite a while. It took quite some time to get the site set back up there, but it’s finally working and I’m going to bed. The remaining sites will move over there tomorrow, after which Larry will live out his life as a testbed. Or something.

No links, no toilet news, no food attack news. Just bed. See you tomorrow.

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