Here’s one of my two favorite things at the Chabot Science Center – a telescope. This is an oldie. They have several big ones too, but this one just looks cool.

Fine day. Got a couple of things done. Didn’t get a couple of other things done. The usual.

Went at lunch to have a look at a couple of cars. First tried to see a Lincoln MKZ. The nearest dealer turned out to be a thief, so I walked away without even looking at anything. Then I went to the local Chevy dealer to look at Suburbans. They only had a few, none of which was perfect, but I decided to test drive one. They actually told me they wouldn’t let me drive it without giving them my phone number. I won’t give car dealers my phone number, so I walked away.

Honestly. Does anybody wonder why American car sales have evaporated? I have money burning a hole in my pocket and a can’t even get them to show me their cars. The American carmakers have lots of faults, but their dealers are the biggest one. I may have to look at Japanese cars again.

Off Friday tomorrow, but I’ll be at work. We have a software delivery tomorrow. I think I’ll sleep in until 6:00 and go in an hour late. Maybe I’ll get to come home an hour early to boot. But maybe not.

Today’s toilet news: It’s not only Tokyo that’s looking at a toilet nightmare. Washingtonians, be afraid. Be very afraid.

See you tomorrow.

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