Green valley

Here’s the view from near the campground at Anthony Chabot Regional Park. Loyal Reader Number Four and I were commenting on what a pretty little green meadow that was. Loyal Reader Number Two mentioned it looked like a golf course to him. Which it was. Part of my famous Camping series.

Yet another berserk day at work. We made it through our financial audit this morning. The folks interviewing us didn’t seem like they had a specific plan, so we just went through a few things and called it an hour and a half. Then we got a nice (and free) mexican lunch. No complaints.

We have one more audit by videoconference tomorrow. Hopes for success are high.

Talked to Loyal Reader Number Three a couple of times this afternoon. He’s still working on the job search and wanted to talk about the latest edition of his resume. Looks good. Let’s hope it does the trick.

In fact, let’s work on focusing some exclusive Morrowlife concern rays on LRN3’s behalf.

Prayer might be a good idea as well.

No Christmas list yet. I really need to put some work into it. Wait a minute – I know what I’ll do: leave it to my Loyal Readers. What do you think I should have on my Christmas list? Remember, we’re talking about me here, so nothing’s too good. Comments, Loyal Readers?

Todat’s heartwarming holiday tale: Man uses candy cane to fend off attacker. Go, and do thou likewise.

See you tomorrow.

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