Victorian reader

Here’s Loyal Reader Number Twelve being wheeled around at the Victorian Christmas Extravaganza. I believe this was taken before she threw up. So she looks a little grouchy. Picture courtesy of the exclusive Treo-cam.

Extreme Short Shrift tonight. We went directly from work (meaning Loyal Readers Numbers Two and Four had to come out to the South Bay this afternoon) to the annual Palo Alto LDS Christmas Creche exhibit, featuring over 400 creches and a organ concert performed by a well-known local organist, featuring original works by a well-known New Mexican composer and surgeon, who was in attendance and actually performed one of his own works. In addition, the president of the company that made the organ was also in attendance.

The concert was very nicely done. The organist’s work was technically excellent and a beautiful performance all around. The one thing I would have changed is that he tended to abruptly adjust the volume in kind of a jarring way. It wasn’t just an accident because he did it several times. I’m wondering if it was a limitation of the instrument, which he described as “modest.”

And it was – it’s a great church organ but I think it lacks the power to really give the best performance in a recital. Interestingly, the organ company that made it also made the church’s Conference Center organ and did the recent refurbishment of the tabernacle organ. So they’re good and this was a good instrument for its size.

Anyway. It was LRN2’s first visit to this annual exhibition, and he was as overwhelmed as we had been when we first went last year. The creches are beautiful, with lots of original work from all over the world, and they’re displayed incredibly artfully. It’s truly a first-class operation all around. We remembered several creches from last year and noticed many new ones this year.

I think we may make it an annual tradition. Although it’s open for less than a week in early December, and it’s a long drive from home. Still worth it.

That’s it – it’s too late for any more. Check out Loyal Reader Number One’s blog – he’s started posting again.

See you tomorrow.

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