Campout coastline

Here’s the coastline at Big Sur a couple of years ago. Great Art courtesy of LRN4 and part of my famous Camping series.

Greetings from the train! This will have to be quick, as we’re just pulling out of Tracy (meaning I have maybe 15 minutes left before we pull into Lardville) and the laptop is down to about 18% battery power. Might have to finish at home.

No post yesterday. I was at work(!) watching our aircraft successfully shoot at missiles. It’s been all over the news today. What a great night we had – the culmination of at least sixteen years of work (and about 3.5 years for me personally). And they said it couldn’t be done. Behold the video: right here.

Otherwise normal day – we spent much of it patting each other on the back, which we pretty much do every day, being highly-intelligent and unusually attractive rocket scientists and all.

Anyway. Got a hundred more names of indexing done tonight, not to mention another letter written to LRN1. So it’s been a productive commute. Speaking of which, the drive last night was exceptionally quick, it being so late and all. The good news is that this morning’s commute was nearly equally quick. Very little slowdown. I’m sure it was a different story out there on the freeways this afternoon, so I’m just as happy to be on the train. My beloved Honda spent the night in the Lardville train station lot, so I’m hoping it fared well. Will know in a few minutes. In any case, it’s insured.

Time to shut down and pack up. I’ll finish this at home.

We just did our taxes. We owe some for I believe the first time ever. Yikes! My beloved Honda was just fine, you’ll be relieved to find out, Loyal Readers. Otherwise, situation normal.

Check out LRN1’s address over there on the right. I’ll keep it updated for the next two years. Drop him a line!

I’ll leave you with tonight’s toilet news: flying toilet blockages. I shudder to think of the cause.

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