Reader rider

Here’s LRN1 going for a ride at LRN2’s Eagle project. In honor of both Loyal Readers and their recent significant events. Part of my famous Machinery series.

Greetings from the train again. Just finished my daily 100 names of indexing. Sadly, I’m pretty sure I’ll never catch up with LRN4. She spent hours at the Family History Center again this week (she’s substituting for somebody for a few weeks) and pretty much only indexed. She’s been doing it on and off for quite a long time and told me today she’s done six or seven thousand total names. Pretty impressive, no?

Anyway. We’re going through Tracy now, so I have maybe twenty minutes before we pull in to Lardville. Plus, the laptop’s battery is down to about 23% and sinking fast. So I’ll make this relatively quick.

LRN1 entered the MTC today! I’m tremendously excited to hear from him the first time, see how the first day went, and get his address. I’m planning to make frequent use of his address and encourage my Loyal Readers to do the same. I’ll post his new addresses here as he gets them. Maybe even in the sidebar. What do you think of that idea, Loyal Readers? Hello? Anybody?

Later – His address is here! Behold:
Andrew David Morrow
MTC Mailbox # 180
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604-1793

I’m going to Dear Elder as soon as this is done. You?

Otherwise, the day’s been pretty normal. Got up (10 minutes late – drat that snooze button!), got ready, made it to the train station on time (barely – drat that snooze button!), commuted, worked, ate, worked, went to numerous meetings, and commuted. The evening will consist of eating, exercising at the gym (first time this week – drat those meetings!), cleaning up, and sleeping. There are lots of things on my plate at home right now – I need to put the rest of LRN1’s stuff into boxes, move the computers from the server/game/exercise room into LRN1’s room (hereafter know as “my office”), finish fixing the laptop LRN6 asked me to work on (if possible – no joy so far), open my new electronic pedometer for use at the gym and figure out how to work it, read a bunch of information for my Young Men and Scouting calling, put a bunch of other stuff away, get my car washed, etc. – but none of it will get any attention until the weekend. With the possible exception of the pedometer. I can’t resist new electronics.

Anyway. I’m down to 16% battery life and maybe ten minutes, so I’ll quit here and leave you with this shocking food violence news: armed coffee robbery!

See you tomorrow.

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  1. Shannon Says:

    I definitely think you should put Andy's current address in the sidebar. We want to encourage letter writing by making it easy to find his address.

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