Dodge brothers

Here’s an early Dodge emblem. The Star of David is kind of interesting. I don’t think it had any meaning – they probably just liked it. Great Art taken at the Sacramento auto museum on Christmas Eve, of course. Part of my famous Machinery series.

Greetings from the train! I’m using my laptop, having finished my daily 100 names of indexing and tried to simultaneously stay awake with limited success. I think it got done well, though – I guess I can index in my sleep already. Pretty impressive.

Anyway, I’m using the train’s wifi and my laptop’s battery. The wifi signal is pretty good right now, although they still only have it on one train a day, I believe. The battery’s down to 23 percent, so I can’t write for a terribly long time. I could have brought my power cord and plugged in to the train, but I didn’t. No problem – the new battery can last pretty much the entire one-way trip, which allows me to index and blog. Which I believe we can all agree is an excellent use of my commuting time.

LRN1’s reading days are temporarily over! We dropped him off at the Oakland airport this morning, hugged him, told him we love him, and watched him walk away. What an emotional day. Last evening’s setting apart was also a wonderful experience, if a bit emotional too. As mentioned yesterday.

I’m really going to miss LRN1. Our relationship has been very close. Experience tells me the time will pass as if it were a dream, but I’m still feeling the loss right now. On the positive side, I’m moving my computer stuff back into his bedroom, which will heretofore be know as “my office.” Can’t complain about that. He could, I suppose, but he hasn’t.

Anyway. I’ll write letters at least weekly and hope to hear from him every week. We expect great things to happen, both for him and by him. Pray for his success, please, Loyal Readers.

Got to work a couple of hours late due to the airport trip. LRN2 and LRN4 dropped me off at the Santa Clara train station so I could pick up my beloved pickup. We also thoughtfully pre-positioned my Honda at the Lardville train station, so I don’t need to get the Loyal Readers to come pick me up on that end. Which is good, since it’s Massive Meeting Tuesday.

And we’re almost home and I’m almost out of batteries. So I’ll end with this shocking food violence news: Nacho fight!

See you tomorrow.

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