Here’s LRN1 on his last evening at home. He was just set apart as a full-time missionary a couple of hours ago. In p-day clothes for his final pre-departure haircut. He’s ready and rarin’ to go. We’re confident in him. Had a beautiful setting apart blessing too.

Extreme short shrift. I hope things will be back to normal by Wednesday. Massive Meeting Tuesday tomorrow. No post last Friday – it was my off day and I never seemed to get around to it. Thanks for noticing, Anon. Really.

Pleasant weekend. Went to a ward dinner, attended a bunch of meetings, did a tiny bit of work around the house, fixed Moe’s hard disk problem and swapped one of his disks into a new machine we’ve named Harpo (we’re finally out of stooges) and installed the latest Ubuntu server on both machines. Also ate and slept.

Time for bed. LRN1’s off to the airport tomorrow and then into the MTC on Wednesday morning. Did I mention we’re all excited?

I’ll leave you with this shocking food violence news (this time the food itself perpetrated the violence!): chili-choking trucker.

See you tomorrow.

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