Loyal Readers Number One and Number Two are camping tonight. Sadly, I’m not there. However, here’s a recent picture of Reader Number One with his tent. It was a little cold.

The campaign is officially over! We cleaned the office and loaded up the trucks today, and I’m heading for home tomorrow morning. Hallelujah! I’m really ready.

Wrote a couple of poems – I work exclusively in limericks, with a special talent for Epic-length work – in support of Reader Number Four’s act in Saturday night’s talent show. I really hate talent shows. I’m not really sure why either. Maybe somebody was killed before my very eyes at a talent show I attended as an infant. Or maybe they’re just terrible. Who knows? Hey, that would make a good mystery novel – “Murder at the Talent Show.” The main character could be forced to come up with an act for a talent show he doesn’t even want to attend, much less take part in. A woman would scream during his lame act – she’s found a body behind the piano! Chaos ensues and the murderer is caught by the hero at last, but not before nearly making another victim of our hero. How exciting!

It’s late, I’m sleepy, I have to get up early tomorrow morning, and the sooner I sleep, the sooner I will wake up and go home. So good night!

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