Rock sculptures

Here are some more of those rock sculptures we found during our wonderful family camping trip late last summer. Yes, I know they’re just piles of rocks. It’s not what they’re made of that counts, it’s what the artiste has done with them. They’re artistic piles of rocks.

Well, the die is cast. We’re moving back to California, something we thought we would absolutely, positively never do. This time it’s the Bay Area. My new job will be at the Lockheed Martin facilities in Sunnyvale. I’ll be a software engineering manager working on the Anti-Ballistic Laser project. I’m excited about the career change and looking forward to the move, although it’s really hard to leave. The company here in Newtown is making it as easy as they possibly can by coming apart at the seams all of a sudden. We hear there will be massive layoffs and big management changes in the next few weeks. We don’t know when the new job will start, but we kind of hope for it to be in the first week of June. The final offer just came in this evening, so I haven’t yet formally accepted it. After I do that (tomorrow or Wednesday), we can start negotiating the start date and other details.

We think we’ll probably end up living in or near Modesto, which will be a very long commute (although not really longer timewise than it was in Virginia) but hopefully a nice little community in a beautiful area (for the desert) with very reasonable housing prices. We need to get out there and look a little bit before we make a final decision, though.

Tomorrow is our friend Jeri’s wedding. Congratulations Jeri and Art! Reader Number Four and I are going down to Washington to be there. We’re really excited for her. We’re dogsitting her two, umm, dogs for the week while she and Art go on their honeymoon. It’s already kind of interesting to have that many animals around here. She’ll come pick them up on Sunday.

There are so many things to get done before the move that I hardly know where to begin. Fortunately, Number Four has helped me out with a list of things I need to do to the house right away. Fortunately, I have a few days of comp time to take over the next week or two, so I should have time to get all the projects going. Then maybe I can find the time later to get all the projects completed.

Well, it’s late and I have to be ready to go tomorrow morning at 4:00, so it would be a good idea to quit. More move details tomorrow.

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