Reader number nine

It’s Loyal Reader Number Nine’s time in the spotlight! You’re famous now – try to use your newfound influence in constructive ways. The interesting thing about this shot (which, by the way, was provided by LRNN himself, and is thus one of the rare morrowlife photos not taken by Your Humble and Obedient Servant) is that it was taken on Alcatraz Island, a landmark well known for its proximity to San Francisco, which is thought to be part of The Bay Area, which is where we’re moving soon. If you look carefully, you can see all kinds of prison-related rubble in the background. The rubble in the foreground is, of course, LRNN.

No posts for the last couple of days. Sorry about that. On Tuesday, we went down to Washington to attend our friend Jeri’s wedding, and I was dog-tired when we got back and functionally illiterate for the evening (insert joke about my level of literacy on all other occasions here).

I stayed home from work on Wednesday and did a little bit of work around the house along with a little bit of recovering from my launch campaign, so there’s no excuse for yesterday.

Speaking of dog-tired, I think we can all agree that’s a term that evokes correct images of a dog’s life. I’ve frankly become a little suspicious of people who tell me they’ve “worked like a dog.” I have a dog and all she does is eat, sleep, and poop. Is that what these people have been doing? However, “dog-tired” pretty much describes my dog most of the time.

Speaking of dogs, The Girls (Jeri’s dogs) are with us for only three more days. We’ve taken to calling them The Halfwit, since they’re each about a quarter-wit on their own. It’s a good thing they’re cute or they wouldn’t have any friends at all. They won’t come when we call them, so why bother having names? They won’t sit, lay down, play dead, or do anything else on command. They don’t even so much as turn their heads. They circle around the dining room table like sharks while we eat. They go outside and can’t seem to remember why. All in all, they make Belle seem like the World’s Greatest Pet.

We’re glad they’re with us, though. Jeri’s a great friend and we’d do anything for her. I just hope she isn’t a Stealth Reader.

Got my report date to Sunnyvale figured out today. I’m starting on the fifth of June. That gives me a whole month and a little to tie up any loose ends around here. I’ve been working on the house a little and have a whole lot more to do. Compared to Loyal Reader Number Four’s to-do list, however, mine looks pretty easy.

I only have one more trip to Europe before the move. I’m going to Paris on the 17th and 18th of May. I have one more systemwide upgrade on United to use up, so I guess I don’t mind the trip, even though it’s right on top of Loyal Reader Number Four’s birthday.

I finished a PG Wodehouse book yesterday, but will leave the morrowlife Book Club wrapup on it until tomorrow. See you then.

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