Porta nigra

Here’s a leftover from the Roman empire in Trier, Germany – the same place I photographed Hiawatha a few weeks ago. In fact, this was taken the very same day. As if that mattered. At least it explains all the litter, which, as we know, was totally gone a few hours later.

I hear your puzzled cries. Why, you ask, is there a post on Sunday? Could it be that this is a Very Special Sunday post? And I answer: could be. Or it could just be that I forgot to post anything on Friday and need to make up for it. We’ll just have to see, won’t we?

We’re all pretty preoccupied with the Big Move. We’re still trying to figure out the myriad details, and considering that we don’t have much information other than a start date yet, everything is pretty much speculation and conjecture at this point. Still, S and C can be pretty fun. We’re getting hours of entertainment.

We’ve had our first showing of the house already. A neighbor heard we were moving and brought a friend over for a look. They were hoping to convince us to sell without a realtor, and at a bargain-basement price, so nothing came of it, of course. Still, it’s nice to have some interest. We keep hearing how houses are selling well again around here, and today we heard that property values are not very good in the bay area right now. That’s good news! Let’s just hope there’s some truth in there somewhere.

We got authorized to start with the relocation people, so we expect the house to go on the market sometime this coming week. Other houses in our neighborhood have sold recently in just a few days, so we just might all be ready to go at the beginning of June. Or, we might not sell it for months and I’ll have to go to California by myself in June. Who knows? It’s okay if it doesn’t sell right away, of course, since we don’t have any idea where we’ll live anyway.

I finished Psmith, Journalist the other day. As previously mentioned, it managed to be humorous and entertaining without being really funny. This episode has Psmith talking the hapless assistant editor of an incredibly boring, poorly written old lady’s newspaper into changing it to a crusading journal that protects the Oppressed Masses. They get into various scrapes but expose the bad guys and come out well in the end. I can’t say I’ve really turned into a fan of Wodehouse’s Psmith books, although I enjoyed them. I conditionally recommend them to my Loyal Readers, especially the ones who already know and like Wodehouse’s work. Wodehouse neophytes would probably do well to check out the Jeeves books first.

I’ve added a few more Wodehouse books to the list, over there on the right. I’m reading Something New now, but I’m not far enough into it yet to have developed an opinion. I’ll let you know later. Stay on the edge of your seat in the meantime.

Well, the Very Special Sunday Post is swiftly coming to an end. See you on Monday. Hopefully, we’ll keep to the schedule this week.

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