Cannes sunset

Here’s the sun going down in Cannes. Taken from my hotel room balcony during one of my many trips there.

No post yesterday. I got home from my Tuesday evening meeting too late and wanted to get to bed. Sorry about that, Loyal Readers. Nice to hear from Anon, though.

Got up with pretty nasty sinus pain this morning, and it hasn’t gotten much better during the day. Pity me.

Otherwise normal day. I rode the train again (keeping my personal Mon-Wed-Fri commitment for once) (or twice this week, actually). It was supposed to rain. It’s been cloudy all day and I felt a tiny drop or two while I was at the train station for the afternoon ride, but that’s it so far. Sunny and 74 degrees predicted tomorrow. Spring is pretty pleasant around here.

The hills are still mostly green. The rich, velvety appearance is gone, but they’re still not bad. It’s nice to sit and look out the train window. Although I’ve been much too busy mucking about with closing emails (I’m down to just a hair over 100 unread ones – down from over 700 when I got back from vacation a week and a half ago!), writing my blog post, and watching/listening to the iPod to spend much time observing.

No new podcasts on the iPod right now. I’ve downloaded numerous audio books from Librivox, but I’ll talk about them as I listen to them. Even though I go through four to five hours of content every day, there still seems to be no shortage. Which is a good thing. The big problem is deciding what to leave out.

Time to do other things. See you tomorrow.

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