Dark campsite

Per popular request (well, at least a request from Loyal Reader Number Four), here’s our campsite at this month’s Big Sur campout. Quite a bit darker and more foresty than Friday’s picture, no?

Greetings from the train! And the wifi is working! Granted, it’s not fast, but it’s there. Which is a huge improvement, after only about a year and a half. It’s working on only one train so far, and I’m hoping they’ll get going and get it installed on all of them.

Okay weekend. As Loyal Reader Number One mentioned in his comment on Friday’s post, he and Loyal Reader Number Two had a pleasant time at the snow campout. They stayed warm and comfortable, as opposed to the condition of some of their companions. Good going, Loyal Readers!

LRN4 and I stayed home and hosted our young friend Matt, as previously described. He had a fun time, which was good, as LRN4 and I were a little worried he might be bored with just us old folks.

As planned, I got weed killer sprayed on the lawn. Also helped LRN4 get some lattice boards up for climbing plants in the garden. And that’s it, also as planned.

I got a new responsibility at church yesterday – I’m now the first assistant in the High Priests group. Should be an enjoyable job.

Average day at work. I was sad to see my friend Russ retire today, but happy for him. He’ll be greatly missed on the program and by his friends.

It was a good idea to ride the train today. The traffic report I saw before leaving the house said there was an accident involving a semi at one place and one involving an overturned SUV at another. While I’ll never know how bad it would have been, I think I can be pretty sure it wouldn’t have been pretty. Might ride the train again tomorrow. Maybe not, though.

It’s a beautiful sunny afternoon. The day didn’t start out too well, though. It was in the mid-30s when I left the house, and the walk from the on-campus bus stop to my building was uncomfortably cold. Pity me, Loyal Readers.

Possibly some presidential commentary tomorrow. See you then.

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