Here are some of the intrepid canoeists from this summer’s scout trip, participated in by Loyal Readers Numbers One and Two, and supported by Loyal Reader Number Four and me. Part of my famous Camping series.

Greetings from the train. Drove the Ranger back to Sunnyvale this morning – traffic was extremely heavy, not to mention slow. Friday afternoons and Monday mornings are not good commuting times. Sadly, when the pickup has to go home, that’s when it has to be on the road. No matter how crowded the train gets, it has really become my preferred transit mode.

Which is a good thing. After today’s trip, I still have fourteen paid-for round trips as well as a transit check for another ten days. That will take me partway into November, by which time I’ll have received transit checks in the mail for ten trips in October and ten more in November. Those will take me well into December, by which time I’ll have received ten more trips, which will take me into January, by which time I’ll have ten more rides, which ought to take me into late January before I need to actually pay for a ticket with after-tax dollars.

Anyway. How boring. Must . . . come . . . up . . . with . . . better . . . content.

The weekend was fine. It was really hot and clear both days. Loyal Readers Numbers Five, Six, and Twelve came over for the weekend, as predicted Friday, which was nice. LRN12 looks like she’s coming down with a cold, and it made her just a tiny bit grumpy – didn’t sleep well and wouldn’t go to church with us. Get well soon, LRN12!

LRN6 spent his entire Saturday helping LRN2 and me detail the exterior of the Ranger. It started the day out with hazy paint and filthy wheels with years’ worth of cooked-on brake dust. It now has beautiful, shiny black paint and perfect, shiny chrome wheels. Great work, LRN6! And thanks for a great, relaxing day. Although it was a bit warm.

After the detailing work was done, LRN6 and I jacuzzified for an hour or so. I got in the pool briefly. It was pretty cool, but would have been swimmable if I had really wanted to stay in. But I didn’t. Got back in the jacuzzi instead.

Loyal Reader Number Four spent all day Saturday at a training session for Science Olympiad coaches, of which she is one.

I was greatly saddened this afternoon to learn of the sudden, unexpected death of my friend John Reddoch. Apparently, he died last night in his sleep. If you have to go, that’s the way to do it, but it was way too early for John. My sincerest condolences to his wife and family.

LRN4 told me we had a brief rain shower in Lardville today. Freak occurrence in September around here. Fortunately, nobody appears to have been harmed by this terrible natural disaster.

Maybe we should start naming rainstorms that happen here in the summer. That might give them that highly desirable hurricane/cyclone/tropical storm cachet. Maybe I’ll call today’s shower Rainstorm Achilles. What do you think?

Today’s Morrowlife controversy: No controversy today. Nothing happened.

See you tomorrow.

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