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Here’s Loyal Reader Number Two enjoying the company of a very strange character we met at WalMart the other day. We really need to stay away from that store. Picture courtesy of the exclusive Treo-cam.

Even though they take pictures of the same size (a mere 640 by 480), I think the Treo-cam takes better pictures than the RAZR-cam used to. Do my Loyal Readers see the same thing I see? Of course, they’re all Great Art – I’m just talking about the quality of the images.

Fine day – sunny and warm without being hot. In the South Bay, at any rate. I have no idea how it was in Lardville.

Talked to Loyal Reader Number Three in the early afternoon. He’s trying to figure out how to get some use out of an old laptop computer. He’s going to give Ubuntu a try, I believe. It’ll be interesting to see if it can cure his CPU overheating problem.

Financial Juggernaut update: I’m up to $5.27! The money is just rolling in. I’m already shopping for a new Porsche. Plus an Elvis Is Alive Museum.

Finished a book on writing this morning: Quit Your Day Job, by Jim Denney. I recommend it with reservations. The good: some good advice on preparing for and taking the full-time writing plunge. It’s mostly well organized and the author largely avoids repeating himself. He covers the important things. The bad: I’ve heard most of it before. And it really didn’t help me get ready to quit my job. Just told me what to think about when I do. It’s a good book to borrow from the library, but I don’t regret not buying it.

I had some unusual dreams last night, including one I believe I’ve had before – I was trying to take off a t-shirt and absolutely couldn’t get it over my head. Very frustrating, not to mention exhausting. So here’s today’s Morrowlife Controversy: What does this dream mean? I’m sure one of my Loyal Readers knows the answer. No fair cheating.

See you tomorrow.

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