Here are LRN2, LRN4, and LRN12 getting ready for Halloween. Actually on Halloween, as it turns out. The results speak for themselves.

No post on Friday. Got busy at the ward Halloween party and never got to it. Thanks to Anon for noticing.

Got a few things done over the weekend. The pool’s basket filters were so full of leaves the water was barely circulating. Need to keep a closer eye on that this time of year. Can’t remember what else was accomplished, besides Halloween stuff and relaxation. But I’m sure there must have been something. Really.

And a new week has started. More of the usual. Although it was darker than usual at coming-home time, what with Daylight Saving Time being over and all.

LRN2’s working on a handwritten paper. That’s not his favorite thing to do, so he’s decided to spice it up a bit by hand-illustrating it. Which is one of his favorite things to do. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product. Keep up the good work, LRN2!

We’ll end with today’s toilet violence news: leave the corkscrew at home.

See you tomorrow.

3 Responses to “Carvers”

  1. Andy Morrow Says:

    The ad on the side of your blog today was for, advertising information about missionary work. Very neat.

  2. Shannon Says:

    I hope you'll show the finished results of our pumpkin carving soon.

  3. Michael Says:

    I didn't get any pictures of the finished product!

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