Seaspan Pacer

Here’s LRN4 looking out the window at the Seaspan Pacer. Picture taken in Canada and (contrary to my earlier promise) a part of our cruise. Sue me. Part of my famous Machinery series.

Yet another beautiful, normal day. Commuted, worked, commuted, ate, blogged. LRN12 took a brief nap this evening and woke up extremely grouchy, as is her wont. She needs to grow out of that habit, and fast. She’s so pleasant when she’s not waking up. Or going to sleep. Or waking up while going to sleep. Otherwise, she’s great.

LRN3’s thinking of buying a 2001 Jeep Wrangler. Its only unusual aspect is that it’s a right-hand-drive vehicle. It would be great for delivering mail, which is apparently what its original owner bought it to do. Maybe he can get a mail job too. Especially if he already has the car for it.

We’ll close with yet another exclusive Morrowlife employment opportunity: Polish Toilet Checker. They’re lining up to get that job.

See you tomorrow.

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  1. Moriah Says:

    I think LRN 12 is quite pleasant when I see her. I hope that is right after she wakes up. If not, I pity her.

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