In keeping with the Macworld Expo theme, here’s an interesting modded computer we saw. Very strange, yet oddly compelling.

Very long workday today, so very short post. I had a bunch of stuff that simply had to get done, so I stayed until about 7:20 to do it. Fortunately, I’m ready for tomorrow now. The whole day was pretty hectic, and there’s a pretty long task list tomorrow, too. It’s nice to be busy.

Disaster! I rolled down the Miata’s window as usual to show the guard my badge, and the rubber in the window channel got pushed way up and all wadded up at the top when I rolled it back up. I’m not sure why, but I need to take the door apart to fix it. That will have to wait for the weekend, so the car’s grounded until Saturday. Dang.

And to make it even worse, the new plugs and wires arrived today! I could have installed them quickly on Thursday evening, but I guess I’ll let them wait for Saturday too. Plus, I want to rebuild the lantern that day too. Plus, I was hoping to bring the trailer home to clean up and fix up that day too. I think the trailer will have to push out unless I can manage to be home for a large part of the day on my off Friday this week. Time will tell.

Loyal Reader Number Four hired a landscaper today. It wasn’t the guy we talked to on Saturday, but we think he’s even better. There’s a good plan and a good chance it will be done within just a few weeks. We’re excited to get it done.

One other good thing today is that all the scriptures I ordered showed up today. I can give them to my new-member friends on Sunday, when Patrick is confirmed. Great!

It’s already time to get ready for bed. See you tomorrow.

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