Green booth

Here’s a scene from Macworld. Weird-looking booth, huh? That’s all I know about this booth – we didn’t stop there. Oh, I do know they protect my world. But I don’t know how. Or why. Picture taken with my beautiful new Olympus camera.

Let’s have a look back at my weekend plans as outlined on Friday, shall we?

“… a baptism to conduct …” Check. It went very well and was a very good service. We had a few families there so the room was pretty full of supportive people. I think Patrick and his family felt loved.

“… a landscaper to interview …” Check. I think we’ll be going with this guy. His English is rough – okay, it’s basically nonexistent – but we’re not hiring a linguist. We’re hiring a landscaper and we like this guy’s ideas. His prices are competitive too. Loyal Reader Number Four is going to check some references, get a final agreement on the content and cost of the work, and get him going.

“… a Stake Conference adult meeting to attend …” Check. It was a good meeting. The speakers were good. The music was good. Et cetera.

“… a Stake Conference to attend …” Check. That one was also a good meeting. It was a broadcast from Church headquarters, and was presided over by President Faust, who also spoke, of course. He’s looking quite old and doesn’t get out of his wheelchair anymore. He still preaches a pretty good sermon, though. I’ve always liked his approach. We also heard from Susan W. Tanner, the General Young Women president. Also Dieter F. Uchtdorf of the Quorum of the Twelve. And one other guy, who was only a Seventy, so I don’t remember who it was. How jaded we become. Anyway, everybody’s talk was meaningful and good, the music consisted of some of my favorite hymns, and I generally enjoyed the whole thing.

“… find the right kind of spark plugs and plug wires …” Check. Unfortunately, I could only find them online, so I had to order them and wait. Which I’m now doing.

“… then install them …” No check. Have to wait until they get here. On the other hand, that left me plenty of time to check the air filter (brand new, it turns out) and wash and wax the car. Loyal Reader Number Two helped me with that task, and it looks beautiful. We used a brand-new bottle of Zymol and got excellent results.

“Then there are all my websites …” Check. Or at least a partial check. I updated the look of the HRVA. Check it out and make additional suggestions.

The good news for all my historic-RV-loving Loyal Readers is that the rebuild parts for the Coleman lantern finally arrived on Saturday! Now all I need to do is get the lantern rebuilt with plenty of photos and write the article. I think it will make a nice addition to the site. I also need to get out there and camp and take lots of photos of old RVs in the wild.

Listened to the latest Diner today, by James Lileks. It’s an amusing biweekly podcast, which I think I’ve mentioned here before. Have any of my Loyal Readers checked him out? Highly recommended.

Very easy drive today. It was Presidents’ Day (happy Presidents’ Day!) and most people got the day off. Unfortunately, LockMart is much too weasely to give us other than the major holidays off. So sad. At least we get good traffic on those days!

See you tomorrow.

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