Boulder field

Here’s one of my favorite camping pictures. This is Loyal Reader Number Four in the famous Hickory Run Boulder Field. That was a great park I don’t think I’ve posted this one before, have I?

No post yesterday. As mentioned in Wednesday’s comments, our router died sometime during the day or the previous night. Loyal Readers Numbers One and Four went and bought a new one and LRN1 installed and configured it. I spent the entire evening getting my dynamic DNS program to play nice with the new router. Got to bed just a little bit before 1:00 this morning. Not a good thing for the work day. I survived, though. The good news is that, after slinging a lot of Python code (a language with which I have not worked before), I got it working. The tool was supposed to work with pretty much all Linksys routers, but apparently mine isn’t one of them. I’m planning to send my code to the developer so he can update his tool. Or maybe I should post it on! Opinions?

Anyway, all that Pythoning precluded blog posting. I feel your pain, Loyal Readers.

Busy weekend ahead. I have a baptism to conduct on Saturday morning, a landscaper to interview Saturday afternoon, a Stake Conference adult meeting to attend Saturday evening, and a Stake Conference to attend on Sunday morning. I also need to find the right kind of spark plugs and plug wires for the Miata and then install them, which will be the easy part. Then there are all my websites to boot.

So let the weekend begin. See you on Monday.

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