My valentine

Here’s my (other) valentine. Isn’t she cute? I really miss her. Photo taken on Christmas by Loyal Reader Number Five.

Happy Valentine’s Day! We had a nice evening here at home. My Wednesday evening meeting was cancelled for the Holy Day, and Loyal Readers Numbers One and Two also had the night off from Young Men. I guess all the leaders were running scared. My cherry cheesecake was outstanding, and no less so for having to share it with everybody else.

Spent some time planning a baptism for Saturday morning. My young friend Patrick is getting baptized. It will be interesting – Patrick uses a wheelchair to get around and doesn’t generally do too well underwater. Two people – including his Dad – are going into the font with him to get it done without doing Patrick any harm. I’m expecting it to be a very nice service.

Nothing much else new today. It was supposed to be marginally warmer this afternoon than yesterday at the same time, but it felt a bit cooler, so I left the top up. There will be plenty of days more conducive to Top-Down Motoring in the very near future.

Loyal Reader Number Four has been getting bids on all the hardscape work in the backyard. The first people who visited told us that the more they did, the cheaper it would be. That was true, up to a point. Finally, though, she kept adding tasks but the price stayed the same. They’re bidding on cement, sprinklers, grass, and a retaining wall for the pond. We’ll put in the actual pond, the miscellaneous plants, and shed ourselves. Some other people have come in even cheaper than those first guys, but we’re still not sure who will get the job.

Time for bed! See you tomorrow.

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