This is the creepiest-looking angel I’ve ever seen. In Paris, of course, where all the best and worst statues are found.

Fine day today. I spent the afternoon in a software project management class. It was taught by a woman who I’ve dealt with before, and she’s very knowledgeable and interesting. I actually got a few little things to think about!

Otherwise, nothing much to discuss. We’re trying to figure out why our electric bills have suddenly skyrocketed. Loyal Reader Number Four had the electrician who wired our house over today. He checked our usage and it appears that he thinks our meter is broken. Hopefully, that will turn out to be true. In any case, we’re being billed for far more electricity than we could possibly use in a month, so I feel pretty confident things will turn out right. I just hope we don’t have to resort to a lawyer to get the power company to straighten it out.

Happy Valentine’s Day Eve! See you tomorrow!

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