Resting statue

Here’s another one of those dopey “sculptures” from Monaco a few years back. One of my colleagues thought it would be appropriate to add the piece of paper you see there in his hand. The rest of us were pretty sure we were going to be arrested by the ever-vigilant Monaco Police Department. Luckily, we’re still at large.

I have five minutes to blog tonight. It’s already 9:30, Home Evening has just barely ended, and I need to get to bed. So this will be short.

We played Apples to Apples for Home Evening activity tonight. It’s a fun board game. Loyal Reader Number Four won, so she enjoyed it most of all. Reading the instructions, you wouldn’t think it would be any fun or even particularly challenging or interesting. I admit there’s not much challenge, but we’ve all enjoyed it every time we’ve played. Recommended.

It rained all day today in Sunnyvale. It was sunny here in Lardville most of the day, but the rain apparently followed me home. That’s okay – even though it’s been pretty wet here the last few days, old-timers are saying we’re way short of moisture. It’s supposed to rain all night here tonight, but then there are at least five days of mostly sunny, warm weather predicted. I can finally take the Miata out of the garage again!

And my five minutes are up. See you tomorrow.

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