Here’s Loyal Reader Number Twelve doing her catfish imitation. I don’t think it’s a really good likeness, but she’s doing her best.

Another sick day. Sigh. I was miserable on Sunday and today – stayed home from both church and work. I have cold symptoms with a mild fever. Hopefully, I’ll be better enough tomorrow to go back to work.

Otherwise, nothing new. The Honda went to the dealer today to have a few things looked at. They fixed the brakes (resurfaced the front rotors) under warranty, ordered a new sunglasses holder, and couldn’t make the shifter get balky. It did it for me on the way home. Sigh. Well, it has to go back in a few days when the ordered part gets here, so they’ll get another chance. Need to keep bringing it to them until they fix it.

That’s all for today. Wish me better health. See you tomorrow.

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