Top of the arc

Here’s some statue or other in Paris. I found it on top of some kind of an arc.

Still no new Great Art. As you can no doubt tell. We need to go camping again.

But not today. It rained all day here in Lardville. It was clear most of the day at work, fortunately. The homeward-bound traffic was free and easy until I got almost home, at which time it started raining hard and slowed way down. Still, it only took and hour and a half.

That’s right, I was back to work today. I probably shouldn’t have gone, but the fever was temporarily gone at about 7:00, so I packed up my briefcase and box of Kleenex (actually, it was Scott tissues, now that I think of it) and left. I survived and really did have lots to get done, so I don’t regret going. But I do regret not staying home. Sigh.

One thing that really seemed to help this time was Entex. Good stuff. I used to take it for allergies but have moved on to something else. Now I wonder if I should start again. I slept better than I have in a long time, and I could actually breathe when I woke up this morning.

Need to take the train tomorrow. My before-tax tickets have started arriving, which totally changes the financial equation. So I need to ride ten days a month, starting in February. I can get a little head start here, so I will. Besides, it’s supposed to rain again, which uglifies the traffic like nothing else.

Time to get ready for my Tuesday night meeting. See you tomorrow.

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