Home base

Here’s our campsite from one of this summer’s campouts . Do any Loyal Readers remember which one?

Greetings from the train. It rained all day again in Lardville. Not so much at work, but there were still plenty of puddles on the ground, so they must have had a lot of moisture overnight. Anyway, I’m beating the traffic, at least theoretically. Even though it’s taking me more time. Hmmm. Well, with the pre-tax ticket vouchers, it’s at least a lot cheaper now.

I just looked out the window at I-580. We’re coming out of Livermore, and the road up the hill towards home is backed way up. So I guess I made the right choice today.

Horrors! I’ve run out of podcasts! I’m completely up-to-date on all of my audio podcasts. There’s not even enough left for a one-way commute. I still have a few books and can get a lot more, but I’ve also been looking for a couple of new interesting audio podcasts. I can find all kinds of interesting video podcasts, but I definitely don’t need any of them – I have well over 100 in my current queue, with more coming in daily. It just seems like people aren’t doing audio podcasts anymore.

That’s a strange trend, if you ask me. Homemade TV shows are great, but I don’t think viewership is very high yet, probably because there aren’t many people with devices like the AppleTV that make it easy to watch the shows on the big screen, and there aren’t many people with the opportunity to watch them on their iPods. Those of us commuting on trains are pretty much the only viable iPod video viewing group I know of.

On the other hand, there are zillions of people who listen to their iPods when they commute, so the market for audio podcasts should be huge. It seems like the selection is getting smaller all the time, though, and the quality definitely isn’t going up. Pretty much all the interesting new shows I’ve heard lately have been repeats of previous commercial and/or public (which is commercial too, as far as I can tell) broadcasts. And audio shows are much less expensive and difficult to produce. I guess the siren song of video is just too much for content producers to resist.

Anyway. Let me know if you’ve heard anything interesting lately.

Happy birthday to Loyal Reader Number Five! I’m hoping to talk to her on the phone after I get home, and we’re planning on getting together on Saturday, either for them to move to their new place or to come over for a Very Special Morrowlife Birthday Dinner.

I’m told Loyal Reader Number Two is violently ill today. LRN2, you have my pity. Get well soon. And be careful out there.

Nothing else of note. Time to quit. See you tomorrow.

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