Cherry picker

Here’s LRN1 picking cherries. Great Art taken last year, but reminiscent of our experience this year.

No post Friday. Sadly, none of the Loyal Readers seemed to notice. I was busy enjoying the holiday.

Which we did. Didn’t do much. Worked on the sprinklers some, swam for a few hours in the nice, warm water, did a little programming, watched some TV, napped, and generally relaxed.

Lardville did their fireworks show on Friday night, as predicted. Apparently, they were avoiding some overtime payments. Good idea. The show was quite nice. We walked five minutes down the street and watched from our neighborhood park, which was convenient. No crowds.

I heard that some cash-starved cities around here canceled their fireworks shows this year, so we’re grateful for what we have.

Made some Limited MARV progress. I got a rudimentary, non-functional navigation system written and started testing it. There’s WAY too much noise. I’m currently working on ways to filter data. It looks like I’ll have to come up with a motion threshold too – the Arduino is interpreting the noise as motion, and it seems to be non-Gaussian in nature. I’m also toting with the idea of constant recalibration of the zero point in order to combat accelerometer drift. Need to keep it simple while I’m at it.

Anyway. LRN1 is delighted to report that he got SD card writing working this afternoon. That’s our last hardware obstacle, so we’re excited about it. Now we have to solve thorny software problems. And then there will be packaging. Need to start figuring that out soon.

The weather has cooled down a bit but remains sunny and warm. No complaints. Other than that it needs to be a little warmer to keep the pool water swimmable. It’s always something, isn’t it?

Sadly, LRN5 canceled her weekend visit. I hope you had a nice time anyway, LRN5!

We’re also missing LRN2. Hope you’re having a great time at LRN21’s house, LRN2! Leave a comment!

Here’s today’s food violence news: Mugged by a bear. What’s up with all this sandwich violence lately?

See you tomorrow.

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