Here’s a cruise ship leaving Port Canaveral. I’ve got cruising on the mind. Part of my famous Machinery series.

Busy day, busy evening. Attended the Branch’s Elders Quorum presidency meeting. It went well. Their home teaching is outstanding, and they’re working on making it even better.

And the holiday weekend is starting to fill up too. Friday, we have an Eagle court of honor to attend, yard work to do, my new dresser to get set up, and a fireworks show to attend. Apparently, they’re doing the fireworks on Friday to avoid paying overtime on the Fourth. Whatever.

Saturday, we’re attending another young man’s Eagle project fundraiser – a car wash. I’ll get one or two cars done.

I also have one more Young Women camp calling to make. Plus, I’m absolutely committed to getting the MARV navigation system coded and working. Also the guidance and autopilot systems, if possible. And I need to help LRN1 get the data logging capability working and/or the display screen. I need one or the other to confirm the nav system is working.

Sunday will be as usual – quite busy.

Also, I want to spend at least a little time in the pool. Busy, busy, busy.

Things remain extremely busy in the toilet aviation world: And powerful.

See you tomorrow.

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