Chow time

Here’s the view of Loyal Reader Number Twelve most often seen these days. That girl can eat! She’s a little bit bigger and a little bit cuter every day.

I don’t think anybody will notice I’ve had to use the Wonders of Blogger to get this posted on Wednesday – no comments for a couple of days hints at less than the usual level of Loyal Readership. I had my normal Wednesday evening correlation meeting, which means I was home pretty late tonight. Couple that with the arrival of my Arduino and it was a busy afternoon/evening.

So, there will be actual content on Thursday. In the meantime, I’m soliciting suggestions for interesting (and achievable) applications for a microcontroller for my first real Arduino project (after the tutorials are done). What would be cool?

Some of my ideas:
– Build a line-following robot and then add computer control to it
– Port the FreeRTOS to the Arduino platform
– Umm, I’m thinking

Okay, I think it’s clear I need ideas. Help me, Loyal Readers! You’re my only hope.

See you on Thursday.

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