Cap girl

Here’s Loyal Reader Number Twelve showing off her neat little stocking cap. She looks a little pensive there. Also very cute.

There was no Thursday post. I got too busy playing with my new Arduino. When it got here the other day, I thought I couldn’t use it until I found/bought a 9-volt DC power supply. It turns out that it can get its power either from an external power supply or directly from the USB connector. After I got home from work, I plugged it in, uploaded the “blinking LED” program, and watched its glorious blinkishness. Very cool. I’m hoping to try some of the more advanced tutorials this weekend.

Which promises to be extremely busy. We’re going to decorate the house tomorrow, and I personally need to put away a bunch of stuff before that happens. I also need to check my library books for overdueness, do a little car cleaning (the Suburban’s floor mats are disgusting and the Sable is too dirty for words) (although it will probably rain tomorrow, thus getting me out of both the car cleaning and any lawn mowing that needs to be done), check the pool water, prepare a Sunday School lesson, and do a multitude of other things that I can’t remember right now but that are detailed in my gadget’s to-do list.

I unpacked and installed my new Logitech S530 cordless keyboard and mouse tonight. As my more astute Loyal Readers know already, my very cool Apple keyboard wasn’t working any more – the keys would stick at random, which is not conducive to Serious Writing. That just might explain my blog, huh? Anyway, the new one is very comfortable, has great key action, and has a bunch of little configurable buttons that open the web browser, open email, open iTunes, open iPhoto, open Spotlight, turn the sound up and down, navigate back and forth on web pages, and power down the system. The mouse has three buttons, a scroll wheel that goes up, down, and sideways, web page forward and back buttons, and volume controls. It feels pretty comfortable in the hand. They’re both white and brushed aluminum (well, brushed aluminum-looking plastic anyway) and go perfectly with my Mac Mini. And the cordlessness is totally cool. I really like them. Highly recommended for the Mac-loving Loyal Readers. I’m sure there’s a Windows version as well for my PC-loving Loyal Readers. If you’re in the market, check it out.

Well, it’s late, so I’ll quit. Have a great weekend and I’ll see you on Monday.

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