Sealing day

Here are Loyal Readers Numbers Three and Fifteen outside the Las Vegas temple on their sealing day. What a great day.

It’ll have to be a short post today. It’s already really late and we haven’t even started Home Evening yet. At least the formal portion – we are at home and it’s evening, so you could say it’s been going on for hours already. Anyway, we’re going to watch (part of) the First Presidency Christmas broadcast that we had to miss when we were traveling home from Las Vegas, we’re jacuzzifying, and then we’re eating newly-baked sugar cookies for treat. Sounds like fun.

Busy day at work, as usual. Mondays are especially packed because of all the things that go on over the weekend. They’re testing on the airplane pretty much every day, including weekends, so we always have a bunch of things to check out on Monday. No huge emergencies today, but plenty to look at.

I had a little surprise on the way home tonight. When I was just a few minutes away from home, a pickup truck in front of me had a blowout and sprayed rubber bits all over me. I think there may have been something in the road he hit, because there was a pretty loud bang from my wheels too, right around the time I started getting pelted with tire bits. I have no idea what it could have been, though. I certainly didn’t see anything. I checked the car out as well as I could in the dim light of the garage when I got home and couldn’t see any damage, but I’m kind of surprised at that. I’ll look more carefully tomorrow in the light of day. Anyway, it certainly got my attention.

– Later –

Just got out of the jacuzzi so Loyal Reader Number Four could give me the baby and get in herself. Did I mention how lovable Loyal Reader Number Twelve is? Well, she is. She’s just the sweetest thing.

It turned out we didn’t have time to watch any of the broadcast (link warning – First Presidency broadcast sounds). Need to find the time to watch it soon. We did everything else on the agenda, though, except for eating sugar cookies, which will take place very shortly. And then it’s off to bed – the perfect way to end the day, if you ask me.

I found the ultimate gaming system online today. Forget Xbox, forget Playstation, even forget the Wii. This is what you want for the truly realistic gaming experience. I’m planning on asking for two.

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