City Creek

Here’s the City Creek Inn in beautiful downtown Salt Lake City. The first of my famous Motel Sign series.

Seriously. I’ve been thinking of going around the country, photographing old motel signs, and putting them in a coffee table book. I think it would sell a million copies. Well, maybe one copy. To my mother. If I give it to her for free. Anybody else want a nice motel sign coffee table book?

Oops. It’s already been done. And they’ve only sold one copy. Well, mine will be much better. Place your order now! Christmas gift-giving idea!

No Treo yet. Sigh. I was sad to read in yesterday’s comments about Loyal Reader Number One’s unfortunate Treo holster accident, though. Note to self: refrain from jumping on an inflatable jousting arena while wearing new Treo holster. Thanks for the tip, LRN1!

Slept in and took the very late (9:45-ish) train. I spent enough hours on the road yesterday to make up for the lateness. There was plenty to do when I got there. A few personnel troubles, some lab problems, and a little bit of everything in between. On top of that, I got about 165 new emails the last two days. I never need to complain about not having enough to do.

I’ve never taken the very late train, although I did ride its counterpart once – the very early coming-home train. There are only two cars, and neither one is very crowded. It’s nice to have it as an option, though. There were a whole bunch of senior-type citizens getting on here in Lardville this morning. I wonder where they were going. Never saw them getting off. The mystery will remain. Perhaps forever.

Today’s controversy: Should this be required wear for people who jump on inflatable jousting arenas?

Apologies to Loyal Reader Number One for mocking him. I’m sure he had an excellent reason for doing whatever it was he was doing on that inflatable jousting arena. Didn’t you, LRN1? See, I told you so.

Today’s real Morrowlife controversy: Would you buy one of these? My answer: Yes. It would be perfect for writing, not to mention Palm and other low-powered platform programming. And it’s the ideal size for the train. Christmas gift-giving idea! Of course, I’d rather have a MacBook Air. Even better Christmas gift-giving idea! Chip in, Loyal Readers! Maybe we can use the profits from the Elvis Is Alive Museum to buy one for each of us.

Keep checking out LRN1’s blog, Loyal Readers. He’s had several comments already, only some of which were from me. He’s keeping it up so far.

See you tomorrow.

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