Mojave sunset

Here’s the view outside the Miata’s window this evening.

Welcome to Morrowlife Post 585. I should be hitting six hundred exactly three weeks from today. Wow.

Speaking of blogs, here’s a shoutout to Loyal Reader Number One’s new blog. He appears to be chronicling his experiences at BYU, which ought to be interesting. Check it out, Loyal Readers.

I’m back from Lancaster. The meeting finished almost exactly on time, and it took almost exactly five hours to get here. The Miata ran perfectly again, this time with the air conditioning on. I realized this evening that today was the first time I had ever used the A/C with the top up. It works great. Fortunately.

Speaking of Lancaster, thanks to A Different Chris (was it Loyal Reader Number Twenty Three or really a different Chris?) for the cool musical road video link. Now I’m really sorry I didn’t get to try it out. They’ll have to make another one somewhere. Maybe right here in Lardville! We could put it on the mile-long private driveway to the Elvis Is Alive Museum.

I got word last night that the Treo has already shipped. The case arrived today (AT&T is so prompt!) and the SD card should be here in a day or two also. I’m on pins and needles! Or something!

Time for bed. See you tomorrow.

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