Pool view

Here’s the view from my hotel room. Better than a parking lot. We’ll have to accept it as Great Art, since it’s the only picture I have on this computer today.

Greetings from Lancaster, California! It was warm and sunny today. I had a pleasant ride up here (the Miata did end up getting the nod, and ran perfectly) and today’s meeting went well. And tonight’s sushi was outstanding – much better than usual for my favorite Lancaster-area Japanese place.

Important Tonsil Update: Loyal Reader Number Two’s doctor is out on a family emergency all week, so Thursday’s surgery is off. It’s rescheduled for October 6th. Put those Morrowlife sympathy rays on ice for another week and a half, Loyal Readers.

Important Morrowlife Financial Juggernaut Update: I now have $4.77! Nothing can stop me now! I checked after Loyal Reader Number One’s Juggernaut-related question the other day, which I forgot to answer. Here’s my answer: Click away!

I believe that Loyal Readers located at the same IP address as me are prohibited from clicking. Anybody else is fair game. I certainly encourage my Loyal Readers and their friends to check out and purchase the fine products advertised on this fine blog. At least I encourage them to follow the links, anyway.

Enforced Short Shrift tonight. I forgot my computer’s power cord, so this is a self-limiting activity tonight. Fortunately, I also forgot my VPN key, so I can’t get into my work email anyway. Blogging will be my only computer-oriented activity today.

Well, not exactly. I also have some computer-oriented reading to do. I’ve started rereading the Pocket C Architect manual. I’m thinking it’s essentially as easy to use as the Pocket C/Ccontrols combination, and it’s way more useful, so I’ll start Sudoku Solver over with it. Special question for Loyal Reader Number One: Does Pocket C Architect produce code that’s usable on the Treo?

Anyway. I have plenty to read tonight, and then I hope to get to bed early. We’re starting tomorrow’s session at 7:00 tomorrow morning, so I need to get up no later than 5:15, which will allow me to get cleaned up, dressed up, packed up, breakfasted up, and onto the base in plenty of time for the meeting. I was a little late today, and I don’t want to repeat tomorrow.

As all my Loyal Readers know, I’m a fan of museums, including some of the smaller, more offbeat ones. Well, I’ve found a great career opportunity! Of course, I’ll need to have all my Loyal Readers chip in to be able to afford it, but I’ll definitely make it worth your while – discounted admission and free parking for one year for all Loyal Readers who contribute at least $1000. And they’ll be first in line to become docents (unpaid, of course). Who will be the first to contribute?

I missed this by mere hours! I just read about this cool stretch of pavement, I’m currently staying in Lancaster, and they paved over it today. Sigh. I would love to have driven on it, and I would have taken the opportunity tomorrow afternoon after my meeting ends. Double sigh.

Time to get reading. See you tomorrow.

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