Rocky river

Here’s a river. With lots of rocks. Taken during our August camping trip at Clark’s Fork. Fear not, Loyal Readers – I’m just about out of Great Art from that trip. Part of my famous Camping series.

Extreme Short Shrift yet again tonight. Home Evening is over, I have to get up as early as usual, and I have a long drive tomorrow morning, followed by a long meeting, both of which I need to stay awake for. As (probably) mentioned previously, I’m heading for Edwards Air Force Base tomorrow morning for a day-and-a-half-long meeting. I’ve been planning to take the Honda, but I’ve started wondering whether I might enjoy the Miata instead. Assuming it can make it that far, of course, but I have no reason to believe it won’t. It wouldn’t be as comfortable, but it does have air conditioning and cruise control, and the weather is supposed to be quite nice down there right now – ideal for open-air motoring.

Blogging will continue as usual, although Wednesday night is iffy, as I’ll be returning home from the meeting and may not arrive until pretty late, depending on when we finish. Time will tell.

Loyal Reader Number Two is still scheduled to have his tonsils yanked on Thursday. We won’t know the exact surgery time until sometime Wednesday, though, when he visits his anesthesiologist. I’ll be at the hospital, of course. Keep those Morrowlife sympathy rays coming, Loyal Readers, and he’ll get through it.

Got several of the planned weekend activities done, although not much on Saturday. Friday was work day and Saturday was goof off day. I did get some programming done, though. The Sudoku program draws its user interface on the screen and can now load a puzzle from its memo list. Lots more to do.

Sunday was restful.

Tragedy! The exclusive RAZR-cam is no more. Well, actually, it’s the RAZR-phone that’s not exactly working. The camera’s fine. In addition to its dead vibrator (which I was just living with in a grumpy sort of way), the speaker portion of its handset has given its last full measure of devotion. I can still use the speaker phone and Bluetooth, but can’t hear anything when I hold it to my head. And I don’t think it’s my ear that’s defective.

I gave it a thorough inspection and declared it dead. Spent several hours last night trying to decide on a replacement, and with Loyal Reader Number Four’s encouragement, I finally decided to order a Palm Treo 680, which I accomplished this afternoon. It ought to be here in a week or so. Loyal Reader Number One has really enjoyed his, and I’ve liked all my Palms so far. So I have high hopes. Plus, here‘s an excellent Christmas gift-giving idea! Also, since some of my software development interest is in the Palm direction, it will be good to have a newer model.

Many thanks to LRN1 for his extra-special high-intensity Miata sympathy rays, which were evident in his earlier comment, as he pointed out on Friday. The Miata thanks you also.

And thanks to many other Loyal Readers for their suggestions for additional significant GM cars. How could those fools have missed such important milestones?

See you tomorrow.

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