Here’s a very poorly composed exclusive RAZR-cam picture of the Salt Lake temple. It was a pretty day when we visited and I like the picture anyway.

Nice day today. Seemed like Saturday, since I wasn’t at work. I tried to get all of my chores done, with mostly good success.

The very best news is that the Miata’s problem was indeed the battery. I was able to find the right part at my neighborhood Autozone. The old battery was relatively easy to get out of the trunk and the new one slipped right in. The car started immediately and ran perfectly (well, as perfectly as it normally runs, anyway – it didn’t learn to play the violin or anything). Thanks to all my Loyal Readers for their Miata Sympathy Rays. They really did the trick.

Got the repaired weed whacker back. It turns out it wasn’t running because the head bolts came loose, eliminating compression, which, as many Loyal Readers know, is essential for combustion. Anyway, it works fine now and didn’t cost too much to diagnose and fix. Also cleaned the pool filters but decided to let the pond go for another week or two. Or maybe I’ll feel bad and do it tomorrow. Also fixed the pool timing.

Personal programming has been light at best. I’m discouraged about Android again. I’m pretty much convinced that the cell phone providers are going to take this cool platform and lock it down so they can charge for everything you try to do. I’m just reluctant to go through the learning curve, only to be unable to do anything truly useful with the platform. Cell phone providers ruin everything they touch, but they do seem to be remarkably successful at ripping people off.

Anyway. So I’m writing a Palm version of my Sudoku Solver, but that’s pretty much a dead end too. I like the platform and I continue to love my trusty old Gadget, but I don’t think there’s any money to be made there anymore. I’m doing it anyway. At least I can send a copy to Loyal Reader Number One and get him to test it a little for me. I’m going to use my pitifully slow PocketC development system, so we’ll see if I can make it run fast enough. It sure runs fast on Linux.

Lots of interesting Loyal Reader comments lately. Thanks, Loyal Readers! I just love it when there’s actually some discussion.

Today’s Morrowlife controversy will only appeal to those Loyal Readers who are interested in cars: Do you agree with GM’s list of their ten most important cars in the last 100 years? My answer: For the most part, but where’s the Corvair? The Vega? The ’59 Caddy? The Nova? How about these ones? Or these (many of which, to be fair, aren’t GM cars)?

Time for some shuteye. See you tomorrow.

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