Graffiti bridge

Here’s a nice bridge over a secluded mountain stream at Clark’s Fork. And it’s covered with graffiti. Sigh. I’m with that guy a few years back who caught a teenager spraying graffiti in the middle of the night, took away his paint, and sprayed his face. Of course, the guy got in pretty serious trouble, but it might have been worth it. Part of my famous Camping series. The picture, that is, not the graffiti vigilante.

Extreme Short Shrift tonight. I’ve been doing other things, and it’s already after 10:00. Besides, after yesterday’s Special Bonus Post (thanks for noticing, Anon!), I think we can all agree that I’m way ahead of the game at this point.

Okay day at work. I found out last night that I didn’t get the appointment as acting manager as I had hoped. However, the person they gave it to is an okay guy who isn’t leaving his old job and therefore really won’t be able to do the job. So I’ll be doing it anyway. Just without the title. As usual.

Comfortable commutes in both directions. I’m at home tomorrow, meaning I’ll only have to attend my morning meetings via teleconference. In my spare time, I hope to replace the Miata’s battery (assuming I can find the special battery it needs, and if not, I’ll at least get the new one ordered), pick up the repaired weed whacker, clean the pool and pond filters, shorten the lawn watering time to its fall-appropriate level, and work on some personal programming. There’s plenty to do.

That’s it for tonight. See you tomorrow, with a report on my many off-Friday activities.

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