Mountain lake

Here’s a pretty little lake up in the mountains near — you guessed it — Clark’s Fork. Part of my famous Camping series.

Greetings from the conference room! Drove to work today. As mentioned earlier (yesterday?), there’s a Team Dinner tonight that precludes my use of mass transit. Since there’s no train-based post possible, I’m meeting-room blogging today in the hope of not disappointing my distraught Loyal Readers.

We had some discussion this morning on Lessons Learned. The group pretty much decided that term is overused and carries connotations we weren’t anxious to imply. We needed another name. I suggested “Incidents and Accidents.” I believe the term comes from an old Paul Simon song, although for the life of me I can’t remember which one. A little help, Loyal Readers?

Nobody liked my idea.

By the way, did anybody ever come up with Loyal Reader Number Five’s movie quote from the other day? Was the promised money delivered?

Slight disaster early this morning. I decided to drive the Miata – it’s a perfect day for open-air motoring. Got my briefcase into the Miata’s trunk, got myself into the Miata’s seat, got my iPod plugged into the Miata’s stereo and playing music, and turned the key. Nothing happened.

Well, that’s not entirely true. One thing did happen. The electrical system went utterly and completely dead. Not just regularly dead, no. Automotive death was utter and complete.

I suspect it’s the battery. We’ll find out for sure on Friday, which is my Really Off Friday.

Otherwise, all is well. See you tomorrow.

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