Rock Hopper 2

Here’s Loyal Reader Number Two doing a little rock hopping at Clark’s Fork. Taken at approximately the same time as yesterday’s picture. Another luminous part of my famous Camping series.

Greetings from the train! I need to figure out how to spend less time in front of the computer on an average weekday evening, and blogging on the train seems to help. Since there’s no link, I still have to get the text into Blogger and add the Great Art and links, but I might be able to save at least a few minutes this way. It’s either this or watch TV shows.

I’m typing this on my trusty old Palm and its nifty folding keyboard. It’s a lot easier to get posts on my Mac from this thing than from the laptop, since this one connects directly to the Mac and dumps it guts. The keyboard/Palm combination doesn’t work all that well, though. I can type a lot faster than this thing can accept data, and a few of the keys seem to be kind of intermittent – either I’ll have to type a key several times to get it to “take” or a single key press will repeat the character five times. It’s been that way since new. Sigh.

Happy Birthday to the Loyal Father! I chatted with him on the phone this morning. He seems to be happy, healthy, and doing fine. I hope to be in his shape at that (extremely advanced) age.

How nice to hear from Loyal Reader Number Eight again. Welcome back! Read all you want – I’ll write more. Unfortunately.

Today was Day Two of my work-related Offsite Planning Event. We’re starting to make some progress, but it’s slow and I’m still not sure how we’re going to achieve our Stated Goal. Time will tell. Only a day and a half to go.

Probably no blog tomorrow. We’re having a Special work-related Offsite Planning Event Dinner, which I’m planning to attend. In exchange for free food for me, my Loyal Readers will have to endure yet another Morrowlife-free day. You have my pity, as always.

I’ve pretty much definitely (how’s that for a firm commitment?) decided to port my Sudoku puzzle-solving program to Android. The first step to is come up with some kind of lame-o user interface capable of displaying a puzzle. I’m hoping to accomplish that part sometime this week. Next week’s task will be to make it solve puzzles, after which I’ll add all the doodads and geegaws. Like opening, closing, and saving puzzles.

Anyway. It seems like a pretty easy first project on that platform, and Loyal Reader Number Three and I are thinking very seriously of having develop some etertainment content for it. It seems like a great opportunity to get into a new platform on the ground floor.

Let’s see, what else is going on? Not much news from Loyal Reader Number One. He’s apparently doing well at school and finding all kinds of useful and enjoyable things to do. Drop a line sometime, LRN1!

The rest of us are fine. See you Thursday.

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