Rock Hopper

Here’s Loyal Reader Number One doing a little rock hopping at Clark’s Fork a few weeks back. Part of my famous Camping series.

Well, we finally heard from good old Anon again, reminding me of Friday’s missed post. Thanks for checking in, Anon.

No post Friday, as already discussed. Loyal Reader Number Three arrived, along with Loyal Readers Numbers Five, Six, and Twelve. It was a great evening and I don’t regret my decision. Although I’m sure my Loyal Readers do.

The weekend was nice also. LRN3 headed for home with his new jalopy on Sunday morning. And he made it all the way to Mesa with nothing more serious than some strange noises and other ghostly automotive phenomena. Hooray! LRN5, LRN6, and LRN12 appear to have relocated this morning, although nobody saw them go, so their exact whereabouts remain a mystery. While they were here, LRN6 helped me detail the interior of the Ranger, which came home on Friday night for just that purpose. It looks a lot better now. Loyal Reader Number Four even told me she’s no longer afraid to get inside. It’s back at the Santa Clara railroad station tonight.

Other activities of the weekend were limited. It was mostly visiting, although Loyal Reader Number Two and LRN3 went with some friends to shoot at each other with Airsoft guns. Joy.

Oh, and I got a minor little technical problem with the Suburban fixed on Saturday. The brake master cylinder I had installed in February decided to spill all its fluid on the street sometime during the past week. I took it back to the location from whence it had come and, after some serious arguing, got them to replace this obviously defective component without charge. Fortunately, it was the last visit I’ll ever make to that establishment, as their materials have been proven to be second-rate and their workmanship has been amply proven to be shoddy. And they appear to change management and/or ownership every couple of months. I’ve been Midas Touched once too often.

On the positive side, my friend Dave told me about a local shop he really likes – it’s a guy who works out of his barn. He’s apparently not cheap, but he’s good.

Already time for bed. See you tomorrow.

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