Clark’s Fork campsite

Here are Loyal Readers Numbers One, Two, and Four enjoying their books in our campsite at Clark’s Fork.

It’s earlier than my usual blogging hour tonight. Got home at about 7:00, worked on the water softener (it won’t soften water, which is it primary – indeed, only – function), ate, and sat down to blog. The water softener did some more damage to my already-sore hands. Pity me, Loyal Readers. Hopefully, my sacrifice won’t be in vain and we’ll start getting some soft water now.

We won’t be buying any more GE appliances, that’s for sure. So far, we’ve needed repairs on our brand-new GE refrigerator (twice), dishwasher (twice and it needs it again), stove, microwave, and water softener (I’ve worked on it myself twice now). I guess the oven is okay. Never again.

It was the perfect afternoon/evening for open-air motoring on the way home today. And I mean perfect. It was clear, completely comfortable, and delightful. I pity all people with roofs on their cars. And I especially pity people with soft tops who didn’t have them down tonight. Fall is absolutely the best time for convertibling.

The new charger for my RAZR arrived today. It works fine, so I’m completely happy with the phone now. I’m not completely happy with WalMart, though. Their advertising said nothing about the pathetic, unusable charger that came with the phone. It was reasonable to expect a working, US charger, and they didn’t provide it. That’s just one more reason why I hate doing business with those people.

But I love my phone.

Time to move on to other things. See you tomorrow.

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