Here’s a satellite in the cleanroom at Baikonur a few years ago. They don’t usually cover them with gold anymore, so this one is a bit unusual. Slightly fuzzy picture courtesy of me. No flash photography is allowed in the cleanroom. And I can’t hold still too well.

Family life is pretty much back to normal, other than the gaping hole in our hearts left by Loyal Pet Number One. That will heal.

Good news on the Loyal Reader Number Two front. He passed his written test at the friendly DMV office. He has his first on-the-road lesson on Thursday, after which he’ll be a Legally Authorized Restricted Motor Vehicle Operator. Nobody saw that coming.

He’ll be fine, of course.

The situation is otherwise normal today. Routine mission.

It’s Massive Meeting Tuesday. I rode the train anyway due to yesterday’s non-trainage, so I’m heading home on the 3:45. Can’t complain about the early departure, which gets me home at 5:30. Maybe my boss can, though.

Weekend activities were enjoyable. I was inert at home all day on Friday and didn’t do a whole lot more on Saturday. Sunday was a different story, of course, but was equally enjoyable. There were plenty of meetings, choir practice, and a chance to teach a Missionary Preparation class for about 45 minutes. Good day.

A brief word about my new Loyal Fish: it’s a very large goldfish that’s orange on the top and white on the bottom. Loyal Reader Number One suggested that we call him Half-and-Half. So that’s his name. He’s a great addition to the pond. I’m sure he’ll be fabulously happy there. As long as he doesn’t get eaten like good old Bunkie.

Today’s toilet news: they’re on the attack.

Time’s up. See you tomorrow.

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