Train rider

Here’s me on the way to work this morning. Great view. Part of my famous Train series.

No blogging on the train this afternoon – I was too sleepy. My nap was good. I also finished watching the MST3K version of a movie called Mighty Jack. While I can’t recommend the film itself, I highly recommend the MST3K version. Also started another MST3K movie – this one’s called Overdrawn at the Memory Bank. I think this shot-on-video train wreck is even worse. Only Mike and the Bots could make it worth watching.

Loyal Reader Number Five pointed out a serious typo in yesterday’s blog. I inadvertently gave Loyal Reader Number One credit for naming the new Fella. Of course, LRN1 was deep in the bowels of the earth at the time. LRN5 was the Fish Namer. Not to mention the Fish Purchaser and Fish Gifter. Thanks, LRN5! Cool name!

In other LRN1 news, he pointed out that yesterday’s toilet news link was broken. Sigh. It’s been fixed – check it out for some frightening toilet-related activity.

And there’s even more toilet news today. Can’t all our toilets just get along?

Nothing else new. See you tomorrow.

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